OFFCIAL Auburn News: Just In Auburn Tigers Confirm Top Sensational Star Player Will Leave Auburn Tigers

A program can be enhanced by the transfer portal, but which teams have been most adept at this cycle’s extremely challenging numbers game? The math in the ledgers rarely matches because not every team adds as much as it subtracts in the portal. It can seem like a daunting task to compare a team with seven additions through the transfer portal after losing twenty players.

Let’s assess each Power Four team’s current standing in an attempt to streamline the process and provide a more accurate assessment of teams as the summer approaches. In order to accomplish this, 247Sports compares the average rating of players joining a program to the average rating of players departing each program, as determined by the 247Sports transfer rankings team. The assessments do not take the players’ gross differences into account. Rather, the only important factor is the average player rating, which we then use to calculate a net gain or net loss using the 247Sports rating system.


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