GOOD NEWS: Just In New York Yankees Confirm To Reach Contract Extension For Another Top Sensational Star Player

Will Juan Soto of the Yankees agree to a midseason contract extension?
Will Soto commit to a long-term deal in New York without first trying things out?

Superstar outfielder Juan Soto’s outstanding play has helped the New York Yankees get back to their winning ways.

Despite Soto’s impending free agency, which is expected to be among the most costly in baseball history, the Yankees acquired him in the summer. To end all the rumors, though, would Soto choose to sign a contract with New York this season?

Not according to Chris Rose of Talkin’ Baseball, anyway.

“He’s not going to sign during the season,” Rose declares. During the season, if he signs an extension, I’ll perform a shirtless show.

“I think there’s a chance he signs during the season,” countered co-host Trevor Plouffe. “If he likes it there and the Yankees meet his demands,” he said in response to the question of why. Chris, they will make an effort to speak with him. They will inquire, “What do you want?” And what good is it if they say, “Alright,” then?

Although waiting until free agency can help a player like Soto maximize his value when many teams bid on his services, there is a school of thinking that suggests signing with the Yankees in the middle of the season carries less risk. In that case, injuries, slumps, and other factors that can have an impact on his value are eliminated.

In 2024, the Yankees resume their winning ways.
After the New York Yankees defeated the Tampa Bay Rays at Yankee Stadium, left fielder Alex Verdugo (24), center fielder Aaron Judge (99), and right fielder Juan Soto (22), celebrated.
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Soto’s arrival has helped the Yankees begin their 2024 comeback season.

For any MLB team, having Aaron Judge and Juan Soto in the lineup is a luxury. When asked which player was more essential to the Yankees, opposing executives recently gave varying answers.

“Judge… since he represents the Yankees,” remarked a National League executive. “They hope the same for Soto, but they don’t know yet. He’s the guy they know will be there forever. If Judge performs well, I believe that team will win. They don’t when he doesn’t. However, that question is something that 29 other teams in the league would kill to have on their roster!

“I would choose Soto,” stated an additional NL executive. By reaching base and able to drive in the runners who advance ahead of him, he relieves the strain on all other players in the lineup, particularly Judge. The fact that he is in a contract year also helps.

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With a record of 15-8, the team is now tied for first place in the American League East with the Baltimore Orioles. The Oakland Athletics defeated the Yankees 2-0 on Monday in a matinee game that cost them the opportunity to remain in sole possession of first place.

Aaron Boone, the manager of the Yankees, was removed during that game after just one batter. Boone was not happy with home plate umpire Hunter Wendelstedt’s decision to rule that Esteury Ruiz was hit by a pitch. The skipper of New York believed that the outfielder for the A’s went around on a swing and should not have been given first base.

Wendelstedt threatened to remove Boone if he said anything more. Although Boone remained silent, one of the Yankees’ fans answered, and the umpire proceeded to toss Boone.

On Tuesday, the two squads resume their matchup.


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