OFFICIAL News: The LSU Tigers Just Confirm Top Sensational Star Player Will Leave The LSU Tigers Football

As they ought to have done, the New England Patriots focused almost exclusively on offense with their 2024 Draft picks. However, what might that imply for the NFL Draft of 2025? While it is obviously premature to make any predictions about the outcome of the upcoming Draft before any college players have even taken a snap, New England should keep a watch on one prospect in particular. Harold Perkins Jr. is an LSU linebacker. He has a lot to offer the NFL and is an absolute weapon on the defensive end of the ball. What role might he play in the Patriots defense, then? Will the Patriots be prepared to select a defensive player with their first-round pick?
Perkins is an excellent example of the kind of player required to play linebacker in the SEC. an elite athlete who is strong, self-assured, and driven enough to compete with some of the best players in the world.

A SEC linebacker must be eager to run the entire field and produce the big plays that lead to highlight reels. Every time he steps onto the field, Perkins does just that. All you have to do is play the first two plays on his film to see how talented he is. The NFL can learn a lot from the SEC, which is the most competitive conference in college football. For the team that is fortunate enough to select Perkins in the 2025 Draft, this is excellent news.

What role might Perkins play in the Patriots’ defense? He has a lot of flexibility at the next level because of his ability to fly all over the field. He can line up as an edge defender on certain plays, like Micah Parsons, or as an off-ball linebacker like Fred Warner. For Perkins, Warner and Parsons are both excellent analogies. Although they each have slightly different skills, they are both exceptional athletes with the ability to win a game at any time. With Perkins joining the mix, the Patriots defense—which is already exceptionally strong—may become the best in the league. The Patriots would be able to use Perkins as their heat-seeking missile, someone they can place anywhere on the field to create plays, because they already have excellent defensive players.

Will the Patriots draft Perkins in the first round if the offense improves from 2023?
Harold Perkins (40), a Patriots linebacker from LSU, plays against Auburn (Image courtesy of Jake Crandall/USA Today Sports)
The Patriots are all in for changing the offense in the NFL Draft of 2024. They selected offensive players with seven of their eight draft selections. Therefore, could New England turn to the defensive end in the opening round of 2025 if the majority of these players appear healthy in 2024 and the offense seems to be getting back on track? Perkins has a talent that might be too good to ignore. Perkins might be brought to Foxborough if New England decides to bring him in while he’s waiting. In 2024, Perkins is a highly anticipated player who is expected to lead the LSU defense. Fans in New England should definitely watch a few games in Baton Rouge this season to see a player who could play for the Patriots in the future.



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