OFFICIAL Yankees News: The New York Yankees Just Confirm The Signing OF Another Fans Favorite Top Experienced Superstar Player

Rival executive: Juan Soto will soon be re-signed by the Yankees
Last week, Hal Steinbrenner caused a stir when he stated in a podcast that he would love to begin talks right away and that he wanted Juan Soto to play his entire career with the New York Yankees.

Although the owner may have been using this sentiment as leverage in negotiations, there didn’t seem to be much to gain from making his feelings known, other than letting MLB know that he still loves Soto, which isn’t particularly revolutionary. Soto’s agent, Scott Boras, employs a playbook that lets the market determine a player’s worth.

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Nevertheless, it caused a stir among baseball fans: Could the Yankees sign Soto right now? It’s possible, but it will take time.

In a story that was published on Tuesday, an American League executive told Mark Feinsand of that “there’s no chance.” “I believe he eventually re-signs with the Yankees, but Scott grants his players free agency.”

The executive also brought up a valid point, though it wasn’t entirely true, regarding the top Boras clients from the 2023 offseason: Matt Chapman, Blake Snell, J.D. Martinez, Cody Bellinger, Jordan Montgomery (who has since changed agents), and all of them had to make do with less money and years than expected.

The AL executive declared, “A 25-year-old Juan Soto has to hit free agency regardless of the agent.”

With his best years still to come, Soto is scheduled to become a free agent for the first time in his 26th season. Not only is he among the game’s finest hitters, but he is also an inner circle Hall of Famer. Allowing teams to fight for the best contract during the offseason appears to be the wisest course of action. How many teams are going to be prepared to pay more than $500 million for a long-term contract? The Mets, who are owned by Steve Cohen, are probably one, though probably not enough.

Boras said he would be “happy to talk with Hal” to Jack Curry of the YES Network, but there is currently no guarantee.



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