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The Saints’ new offensive scheme has quarterback Derek Carr fired up: “These guys are awesome.”
Derek Carr was familiar with the New Orleans Saints’ new offensive scheme before he had a chance to really get into it.

“This scheme has been extremely successful everywhere it has been implemented,” Carr stated.

Carr reaffirmed what many within the organization have expressed since the Saints hired offensive coordinator Klint Kubiak: they are excited about the possibilities of offensive football in New Orleans under Kubiak’s direction, and a significant portion of their enthusiasm stems from the scheme’s established NFL track record.

Carr has only had a little over a month of limited contact with the new staff before delving into the new playbook, and the team has only completed the first of three optional Organized Team Activity (OTA) sessions. However, Carr has been energized by the chance to observe the offense, picture his place in it, and get to know his new coaches.

Carr stated, “It’s been a lot of fun.” “These guys are incredible.”

Carr is at the core of the Saints’ early efforts to establish what they hope will be a potent offensive base.

According to Kubiak, “Derek has had a really good offseason thus far.” “He’s working hard, staying late to finish his studies, and he’s really putting in the work.” When his teammates witness his dedication to the game, they also play at a higher level.

Carr joined a team last season that had been using the same offensive scheme since he was a sophomore in high school. Many of his teammates had played in that offense their whole careers.

The image NO.saintsota.0522241639.JPG
On Tuesday, May 21, 2024, in Metairie, during an NFL football organized team activity, quarterback Derek Carr, 4, gets ready for a drill from quarterback coach Andrew Janocko of the New Orleans Saints. (Times-Picayune staff photo by Brett Duke)

They are currently having ground floor dates together. They are all learning what this coaching staff has determined to be crucial in addition to the offensive structure, which consists of formations, language, and cadences.

They are focusing on both major concepts and minute details. One of the quarterbacks’ early catchphrases is to “listen to your feet,” which helps them stay on schedule with their progressions. Carr also doesn’t feel like he’s playing catch-up for the first time since moving to New Orleans.

He’s enjoyed picking up knowledge and posing queries. Additionally, Carr believed that getting off to a similar start as the rest of his teammates gave him a fresh opportunity to lead the offense.

Andrew Janocko, the quarterbacks coach, described his approach as one of growth. He thus arrives each day and is quite enthusiastic about attending and taking notes. Thus, despite hearing “Z Dragon Lion” for the thousandth time, he continues to make notes about it.

“.. Alternatively, he may be observing the younger players and offering them advice on defense since he has experience with it and can impart it to them.

Coach Dennis Allen said that Carr “jumped right into the deep end of the pool” when he was questioned about how he approached the new offense.

Allen stated, “He’s embraced everything they’re asking him to do.” He has shown a great deal of focus in meetings. In the classroom as well as on the field, he is assuming command of the offense. And let’s face it, that’s a challenging assignment for any quarterback, but I believe it’s especially so for someone who has played for a while. It’s encouraging that he is accepting of the change even though adjusting to a new system can be difficult.

As Carr begins his 11th professional season—his second in New Orleans—he is entering a somewhat pivotal moment.

The Saints are counting on this new offense to get more out of Carr, who will play a major role in the team’s success this season as any other starting NFL quarterback.

If one were to simply look at the numbers, Carr and the Saints offense had a good season last year. Carr finished in the top 10 in the league for most significant passing stats, and the Saints had the ninth-best scoring offense in the NFL.

However, the season-long statistics don’t give the whole story. While Carr and the Saints offense had moments of exceptional play, there were also extended periods of play that were in the middle of being awful and mediocre. It should say a lot about the highs and lows that the Saints experience that they finished in the top 10 in both offensive and defensive scoring and did not make the playoffs.

Carr, who turned 33 in March, still has three years left on his deal; however, if things don’t work out, New Orleans may choose to cut Carr loose the following season and incur a sizable dead cap expense.

However, there was much about Carr’s rookie season that the Saints’ new coaching staff found appealing, particularly in the final five games when Carr scored 14 touchdowns against just two interceptions to help the team finish 4-1.

Janocko stated, “He got comfortable later in the season; he got on a roll.” As soon as some of the new players got comfortable, you could see that they began to feed off one another. It is something we hope to expand upon.

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