“I Don’t Want To Play For Minnesota Twins Again” Just In Minnesota Twins Confirm Top Sensational Star Player Just Announced His Departure…

The most recent update on Royce Lewis is just what Twins supporters are waiting for.
Right when the Twins supporters needed a little hope in the dark.
It didn’t take long for the Minnesota Twins season to turn shady. The team lost Royce Lewis to a quad injury three innings into Opening Day, and things have been a complete mess ever since.

Since losing Lewis, Minnesota has had two separate losing streaks of five or more games and one 12-game winning streak. It is unclear when the team will start to play consistently. The simple response appears to be whenever Lewis returns to the Twins, which is still a date that seems more hazy than anyone would want.

At first, there were concerns that Lewis might not return until at least the All-Star Break, but every new development regarding him has been tinged with optimism.

After it was revealed that Lewis would miss at least a month, he was beaming when he spoke to the media, and it appears he is getting closer to making a significant move to rejoin the Twins lineup.

When will the Minnesota Twins lineup feature Royce Lewis again?
The first positive report came a month ago when it was said that Lewis was starting to get back into baseball. It was disclosed on Tuesday that Lewis had formally begun running and was gradually approaching a rehab assignment.

Lewis’s official progress will be revealed on Friday, according to Star Tribune beat writer Bobby Nightengale, but all indications point to a positive outcome.

If all goes well on Friday, Lewis won’t immediately go into a rehab assignment in St. Paul, but he’ll probably be back well before mid-July. Lewis’s return and full recovery are long overdue for the Twins, who have missed his presence in the starting lineup since he was lost on Opening Day.

Time almost seems to be a flat circle in this instance. When Lewis entered the lineup last season, the Twins offense was in dire need of some much-needed life. That might occur once more because Minnesota’s offense is currently having difficulties. Lewis’s return would be ideal for the team in order to possibly start a turnaround.

Though it will still take some time for that to occur, things appear to be moving in the right direction. Lewis isn’t able to assist the Twins on the field just yet, but fans are in desperate need of good news right now, and this update is one of them.

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