Latest Update: Just In LSU Tigers Head Coach Brian Kelly List Three Top Sensational Star Players He Want At LSU Tigers

On3’s Top 100 for 2024 includes five football players from LSU.
It would be simple to think that LSU would regress in 2024 after losing six starters to the NFL Draft, but the Tigers are poised for another successful campaign. The squad has made some significant additions and returns a wealth of talent, so it’s possible that this season performs better than 2023 did. These five LSU Tigers, who were listed as members of On3’s top 100 players for 2024, will have a major impact if the team is going to make a run at the College Football Playoffs.

5. Offensive Tackle Will Campbell
On3 has given Will Campbell a chip on his shoulder by naming Kelvin Banks the best tackle in college football, even though ranking Campbell as the fifth-best player in college football is a compliment. Will Campbell is the most well-rounded offensive lineman in college football. If Campbell could have entered the NFL Draft, he was only a sophomore, but he would have been the second offensive tackle selected.

In 2024, the LSU offensive line will lead the country in scoring, and it all begins with Will Campbell’s play. He will be in charge of guarding Garrett Nussmeier’s blind side, and since Nussmeier is a pocket passer, the team will need to give him more time. In the NFL Draft the following year, Campbell could go as high as first overall if he plays as well as he has his entire career.

17. All-Pro Linebacker Harold Perkins
Harold Perkins will have every opportunity to finish the season as the best defensive player in college football, even though Cam Newton may end up being the best offensive player. Making the switch to linebacker, Perkins had what many saw as a down year, but part of his lower production was due to getting used to a new position.

Harold Perkins is a linebacker, and it’s easy to believe that he’ll be even more effective in his second season than he was in his true freshman year. Perkins will be able to play linebacker and have an impact on the game that he was not able to under Matt House thanks to Blake Baker’s defense. Harold Perkins needs to turn back into a game-changing player if the LSU defense is to recover in 2024.

63. The offensive tackle Emery Jones
The bookends of the offensive line, Will Campbell and Emery Jones, will help the LSU offensive line to become the front-runners for the Joe Moore Award. Emery Jones is shutting down elite players like Will Anderson and Dallas Turner, and opposing defenses are sending their best pass rushers to face him rather than Will Campbell.

As Jones missed a significant portion of the spring season due to an injury, ensuring that he is healthy and prepared for action is the top priority going into the fall. With four of its five starters returning, LSU’s offensive line has a chance to rank among the best in school history.


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