BREAKING News: Just In Minnesota Vikings Just Confirm The Departure Of Top Sensational Star Who Refuse To Sign Contract

Inside Information The Potential Loss of Justin Jefferson’s Failure to Attend Minicamp

It’s bag season, with a ton of elite NFL players who missed out on big-time contracts in free agency now using their clout to start soft holdouts at the beginning of OTAs in the hopes of securing huge contract extensions to stave off free agency.

One star wide receiver who hasn’t been seen yet is Justin Jefferson of the Minnesota Vikings. An insider has revealed how much money Jefferson could lose if he skips the required minicamp at the start of June.

Tom Pelissero of NFL Network stated that he does believe Jefferson will attend minicamp. Charley Walters of The Purple Persuasion revealed on X that Jefferson would face a $90,000 fine if he chooses not to attend

So far, every indication suggests that a deal will be completed this offseason, and it makes sense that Jefferson would want the biggest wide receiver contract ever offered by the NFL.

He is anticipated to sign a contract worth about $35 million annually, and the Vikings front office and the media seem to be saying that it is just a matter of when rather than if a deal is completed.

Fans are thrilled about the addition of J.J. McCarthy as a rookie quarterback, but this has been the looming cloud over the franchise since Kirk Cousins’ departure.

The front office must ensure that McCarthy’s top candidate is committed to the position for the long run. It will be interesting to watch Jefferson’s final salary.


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