ESPN Report “I Don’t Want To Play For Saints Again” Just In New Orleans Saints Top Sensational Star Player Just Announced He Want To Leave

Demario Davis is not amused by the Saints teammates who are missing from OTAs.
Veteran Demario Davis thinks that the New Orleans Saints’ notable absences during voluntary organized team activities (OTAs) are a bad indication of the team’s direction.

The seasoned captain of the New Orleans Saints, Demario Davis, has never shied away from expressing his opinions. Speaking to the media on Tuesday about the fact that not all Saints players have attended the team’s voluntary off-season activities, he once again proved that. To put it plainly, Davis is not happy that New Orleans’s participation rate isn’t 100%.

The seasoned linebacker said Kansas City probably has 100% participation, citing the Chiefs as an example, who won two Super Bowls in a row. According to Davis, the Chiefs are too good for the Saints and the rest of the NFL to let them get away with it.

Demario Davis desires that the Saints participated in OTAs at a 100% rate.
For the sake of accuracy, the Chiefs’ participation in this year’s OTAs has not been 100%. Travis Kelce is one of the players from Kansas City who has missed numerous practices. That doesn’t seem to be the main argument Davis was making, though, as he drives home. All Davis is saying is that the Saints should seize every chance to improve because they are far from their targets.

This message is particularly significant because a few of Davis’ other seasoned leaders are not present with the Saints. The two players whose absences have garnered the greatest attention are Alvin Kamara and Marshon Lattimore. Speaking about the absences, head coach Dennis Allen expressed his wish that every player could be there, but he also acknowledged that players had other obligations and expressed confidence in their ability to continue preparing for the season.

However, Demario Davis is stating unequivocally in front of everyone that he wishes those two people, as well as everyone else, could have attended. There are six more voluntary OTA practices left for the Saints, so it will be interesting to see if Davis’ remarks affect attendance at those sessions or if players decide to hold out until training camp is required.



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