Breaking News: Just In LSU Tigers Just Confirm The Departure Of Another Coach Favorite Top Sensational Star Player

As the transfer portal draws to a close, we can begin to assess each team’s true position in advance of the 2024 campaign. The LSU linebacker core will be in charge of the defense, despite the fact that there are a lot of unanswered questions regarding the unit following a dismal 2024 campaign. LSU will likely have the strongest linebacker core in the nation under Harold Perkins’ leadership.

However, On3 believes otherwise, placing the LSU linebacker core tenth for the 2024 campaign.

Being one of the most incredible defensive players in the nation, Harold Perkins Jr. alone might make LSU’s linebacking core the best in the nation. Perkins had 43 tackles, 5.5 sacks, three forced fumbles, an interception, and four pass defenses in a so-called “down year”. Instead of going back to being an edge rusher, he will stick as a linebacker in defensive coordinator Blake Baker’s defense, allowing him to continue having a variety of effects on the game.

Whit Weeks, fresh off an outstanding rookie campaign, will have the opportunity to make a huge leap. Blake Baker, the linebackers coach and defensive coordinator, will be crucial in assisting Weeks in making a significant advancement. With his exceptional speed, keen sense of timing, and tackling prowess, Weeks is going to be a vital member of the defense.

Veteran Greg Penn III will aid Weeks and Perkins in acclimating to the defense. Penn is a candidate for preseason All-SEC teams and returns leadership to the group in addition to his wealth of experience at linebacker. Weeks and Perkins’ quickness will free Penn up from the worry of losing to opponents who move more quickly. In this new defense, Penn III is well complemented by both Weeks and Perkins.

The nation’s tenth-best linebacking core won’t be as good as LSU’s.

Despite the fact that experts rank LSU’s linebacker core as the tenth best in the country, this group is more likely to finish in the top five. In his second year at the position, Harold Perkins will advance significantly under Blake Baker’s tutelage and experience. Weeks will build on his playability as a freshman to become a household name after displaying glimpses of potential. Penn will assist in mentoring the more physically gifted pair as they strive to improve as players and make a difference on the field.


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