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Many supporters believed that Braxton Jones’ time as the team’s starting quarterback was over when the Chicago Bears selected Kiran Amegadjie in the third round. Jones still has two years left on his rookie contract, and Amegadjie is expected to be ready to start when he becomes available for free agency. Even though, as of right now, that might be the plan, as everyone knows, things change in the NFL. After the season, could Jones still be eligible for an extension?

Yes, without a doubt, and it’s far more plausible than some fans realize. Even though Jones was a former fifth-round pick, as a rookie, he started and participated in every play. That jump up is really impressive. Jones had a rough start, which was exacerbated by a neck injury.

But by the time he recovered from the injury, the team was playing some of its best football of the season. Consequently, fans must take into consideration Jones’ experiences even though they do not currently see a player of franchise caliber.

It is reasonable to expect that he will have his best year in year three if he can maintain his health this year and we know he won’t be a rookie coming from such a lower level of competition.

It’s not impossible that Braxton Jones’ contract will be extended.
Jones might be aware that his time is running out, but he might also be considering accepting the Bears’ offer of a deal that benefits both parties before starting a dubious third season. However, Jones might reach a point in year four of play where he feels comfortable placing his own bets. Could he really turn that script around?

Beyond Jones’ performance, Amegadjie appears to be a wonderful example of progress, but there’s a good reason the draft is so intricate, and we frequently witness players fall short of expectations.

Given his background and development, there is a possibility that Jones performs better in year three. The Bears will extend Braxton Jones if the similar spike in competition causes Amegadjie to perform worse than anticipated. Right now, this seems more likely than some would have us believe.


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