Breaking News: Just In LSU NBA Top Top Experienced Star Player FINED BY WNBA AFTER LOSS TO…..

After the Chicago Sky’s game against the Indiana Fever, Angel Reese was fined by the WNBA, but not for the reason that most fans would assume.

Following the game, the rookie failed to report to the media and was fined $1,000 by the league for not being available to reporters. Additionally, they fined Sky $5,000.

Naturally, Angel cheered on a cheap shot foul that her teammate Chennedy Carter hit Clark with during the game on Saturday. While some may have expected the league to discipline her for it, that hasn’t happened yet.

Angel and Caitlin have been at odds for some time, even though AR previously assured the public that her feud with Clark was limited to the courtroom. Reese, who earns just under $74,000 a year (not including endorsements) seemed to be very upset about the Fever’s defeat, so much so that she ignored reporters.
Angel appeared to take a jab at Caitlin when she wrote online just a month ago, stating that her team’s strong performance was due to team cohesiveness rather than “one player on our charter flight.”

Before Reese removed the tweet, it gained widespread attention. This rivalry appears to be a little more personal than Reese wants to acknowledge, especially in light of the cheap shot cheering.

Good news, by the way, for furious Fever fans. The league upgraded Chennedy Carter’s nasty hit on Clark from a common foul to a flagrant 1 infraction. Carter was not fined or suspended by the league.

On June 16, Chicago will march into Indiana to play the Fever. Prepare the popcorn because we have a feeling that fireworks will ensue.



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