OFFICIAL Auburn News: Auburn Tigers Just Confirm The Termination Of Top Sensational Star Player Contract

Tommy Tuberville was Auburn University’s highly successful head football coach before he was elected to the US Senate.

In 2004, Tuberville guided Auburn to an undefeated season and nearly reached the national championship.

But things weren’t always nice in the years before that. When Tuberville transferred from Ole Miss to Auburn in 1999, former Auburn wide receiver Tyler Siskey said that Tuberville wasn’t afraid to leave his mark on the team.

Prior to the 1999 season, Siskey discussed his initial encounter with Tuberville on his radio program, McCready & Siskey.

The day after signing day, I enter Tuberville’s office and take a seat. He says to me, “Tyler, I signed six wide receivers yesterday. If you want to run out of that tunnel again, you’ll do it from the visiting sidelines. Do you want to be released?,” Siskey asked.

Then Tuberville gave Siskey a release scholarship that had already been printed. In the end, he moved to Troy.

But there’s still more!

Siskey claims that a member of the 1998 squad started for his roommate.

That player was also cut by Tuberville. However, he didn’t tell the player outright. Rather, Siskey and his roommate learned of his transfer over the radio while they were driving home from practice.

His roommate turned around and went to speak with Tuberville after learning about it.

“He simply enters his office and asks, ‘Is this true? I heard this on the radio,'” according to Siskey.

Tuberville is said to have responded, “Yeah, we let you go this morning.”


Still, Siskey did get his comeuppance. He later became the coach of St. Paul’s Episcopal, an elite high school in Alabama that produced players like A.J. McCarron and Mark Barron.

Tuberville didn’t recall Siskey when he arrived to recruit those players. However, Siskey recalled Tuberville.

Although he would not discourage players from attending Auburn, he assured Tuberville that he would be honest in his response if they inquired about his opinion of the coach.

Both McCarron and Barron attended Alabama, where they were coached by Nick Saban to win national titles.


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