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Auburn’s running back According to an update on the GoFundMe page set up by Brian Battie’s godmothers following a May shooting in Sarasota, Florida, which left him critically injured and killed his brother Tommie Battie, Brian Battie has been moved from the intensive care unit to a trauma unit.

According to the post, Battie has a “traumatic brain injury,” but the best news about his recovery from the shooting so far is that he can now speak a few words.

The complete GoFundMe post, authored by Battie’s mother Adriene, is below:

“Brian has transitioned to the next phase of trauma care and is now formally out of the ICU.” This week, he has advanced significantly and is speaking more. He’s laughing, grinning, and speaking. These days, Brother and Tommie have been his two favorite terms. Yesterday, he was able to write his name. We kindly request that all of our prayer warriors keep up their prayers for Brian’s full healing and recovery—from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet! He still has a long way to go before fully recovering, so we are doing everything we can to ensure he receives the best rehabilitation care possible for his traumatic brain injury. pleading with God to guide us while we seek and investigate the best options for our Son. It has been a unique journey to find strength through grief and to hold onto faith in the face of adversity. Our other son’s progress and release from the intensive care unit gives us hope and gratitude, but the loss of our first son has tried our resolve and left us heartbroken. It serves as a reminder that light exists even in the depths of our darkness. We cling to our faith, treasure each little triumph, and never give up on the healing process. We have an incredible network of friends and family. Always encouraging us, supporting Ana, offering research assistance, and offering unspeakable guidance. You all know who you are. I sincerely appreciate your unwavering prayers and support during this trying time. Your love means the world to us, and for that, we will always be grateful. We also know that you will be blessed tenfold for your sincere desire to look out for our best interests. ❤️

According to earlier court filings, Battie, should he survive the shooting, may have “permanent paralysis.” Darryl Brookins, the suspected shooter, was taken into custody by Sarasota deputies and charged with both attempted and murderous shootings: the shooting death of Brian Battie and the shooting death of Tommie Battie.

According to court records, Brookins opened fire on the Battie brothers as they came up to him at a Sarasota strip mall. Documents from before both were hit indicate that the Battie brothers returned fire.

According to court records, Nicole Roberts, Brookins’ girlfriend, was also taken into custody by deputies after it was claimed that she had thrown the gun used in the shooting into a nearby Manatee County river. Roberts’ hearing for pre-trial detention took place on Thursday and Friday. As of Friday night, documents posted in her court file indicate that no decision has been made.

Before the big update on Friday, Battie had been making progress ever since the May shooting.


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