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With one of the best farm systems in Major League Baseball, the New York Yankees can acquire nearly any player who becomes available at the MLB trade deadline. Regretfully for the front office, it appears that one of the top targets for a trade by the Yankees will not be moving this summer.

One of the greatest scouting departments in baseball, New York assists the team in finding talent both in and out of the majors. The Yankees have a knack for identifying players who they can develop from good to great, which influences the players they target in the summer trade market.

Most frequently, it is observed with a bullpen. Even though the Yankees are frequently linked to trade candidates, such as Oakland Athletics closer Mason Miller, they typically look for less well-known solutions. On the other hand, New York was hoping to add one young player to their hitting lineup in July.

Bob Nightengale of USA Today reported that Colorado won’t consider moving 29-year-old corner infielder Ryan McMahon this summer, following reports that the Yankees were very high on the Rockies third baseman.

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The Rockies are among the worst baseball teams and have been in the bottom half of the league standings for the past two years. But Colorado is known for being cautious at the MLB trade deadline and for not wanting to start from scratch, as ESPN’s Jeff Passan pointed out in early June.

It says nothing about Brian Cashman, general manager of New York, or his aggressiveness or his inability to pull off a blockbuster trade. The Yankees have enough depth in their farm system and top prospects to make a trade for McMahon or a comparable player under a long-term contract. Colorado is merely a reluctant trading partner.

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McMahon’s departure means that New York will now focus on other first base and third base prospects that may become available this summer. Before Sunday’s injury to Anthony Rizzo, the Yankees were considering their options for his replacement.

The Yankees will be looking into their options over the next few weeks, whether that means acquiring a third baseman by moving DJ LeMahieu over or finding a direct replacement for Rizzo.


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