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Unexpectedly, former Baylor and Auburn football standout Jarrett Stidham is outperforming Bo Nix at the start of his Denver Broncos career. Stidham has competed hard and kept his head down despite welcoming Zach Wilson and the No. 12 overall pick in 2024 to the quarterback room.

Mike Klis of 9News began, “Say this for Stidham: He hasn’t moped about becoming crowded with hotshot newcomers. Instead, he bowed his neck and competed.” During the offseason practice sessions, Stidham was deemed by nearly all media observers as the most proficient quarterback among the three, although Nix showed promise as well.”

When it came to competing with all the players the Broncos have added this offseason, Stidham showed maturity.

“Look, I’ve been in this business long enough,” Stidham remarked on June 12 at a Coors Field Home Run Derby charity event. “I understand. The truth is that rivalry is healthy. I genuinely think it brings out the best in people. All I have control over is how prepared I am and how hard I work.

Bo Nix once said that the Broncos’ quarterback room would only contain former Auburn football players.
Stidham was once expected to be cut by Denver during the offseason. By the sounds of things right now, Stidham might be securing a spot on the squad as, at worst, a backup and, at best, a player who can assist the Broncos early on while Nix gains experience in the NFL.

As long as there are weapons in the WR room, Stidham, who has never been particularly good in the pros, might be worth a look because of his strong arm. And in the Mile High City, there are a number of players, including former Nix top weapon Troy Franklin, rookie Troy Franklin, and Marvin Mims Jr.

It might take some time for Nix’s NFL career to really take off if Stidham keeps up his impressive performance.


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