ESPN Report Sad News: Just In Boston Bruins Confirm Two Top Sensational High Profile Superstar Won’t Return To Team Next Season Due To…….

Bruins star won’t play for the team again the following year (source)
The Boston Bruins are expected to have a busy offseason, and it looks like they have already decided on one of their bottom-six forwards.

Joakim Persson, Oskar Steen’s agent, told the VF publication that the soon-to-be free agent will be searching for a new team. Officially, NHL free agency starts on July 1.


Through Google Translate, Persson said to VF, “Boston has given us permission to already start talking to other teams to see what interest there is.” “Those are the conversations we are currently having, and on June 28–29, I’ll be heading to Vegas for the NHL draft, where I hope to continue having conversations and dialogues.”

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