SHOCKING Bruins Update: Just In Boston Bruins Just Confirm Another Top Experienced Player Want To Leave………

The Boston Bruins could make St. Louis Blues fans very angry.

Torey Krug, a veteran of the St. Louis Blues, was once a star player in Boston, but he hasn’t lived up to the hype in St. Louis.

Oh, and there’s the lengthy history of Stanley Cup Finals matches between the teams.

On the other hand, the Bruins will lose a few key players to free agency.

Could the Boston Bruins defenseman be a target for the St. Louis Blues?

Matt Grzelcyk
73 games, 4 goals, 20 assists, and 24 points in 2021–22. 18:43 TOI.
2022–2023: 26 points, 22 assists, 4 goals, and 75 games. 17:14 TOI.
63 games, 2 goals, 9 assists, and 11 points in 2023–24. 17:35 TOI.

The fans of the St. Louis Blues are familiar with Grzelcyk. He played for the Bruins in the 2019 Stanley Cup Finals, which they lost to the Blues.

Grzelcyk is a Boston native, so it almost seems impossible that he would leave the Bruins, but his Boston output has fallen short of expectations.

At thirty, Grzelcyk is still relatively young, so GM Doug Armstrong may target him as a bargain defenseman.

His stats aren’t extraordinary. Despite this, he has played in most of the games over the previous three seasons and has remained mostly healthy.

“While there may be more desirable names available, Grzelcyk would be a more economical choice,” FanSided’s NHL Editor Todd Matthews stated.

The best way to put it is probably through Matthew’s comments: Grzelcyk is a cheap option for teams with little cap space. Therefore, he could be a valuable addition that the Blues could both afford and find useful.

Can the Blues get stronger with a player like Grzelcyk?
Would Torey Krug be able to return to his old ways if Grzelcyk was added? Considering their prosperous years together in Boston, it’s a fascinating concept.

In 63 games played this year, Grzelcyk recorded 76 blocks.

At 5’10” and 180 pounds, he may not be the most physically dominant defenseman, but his ability to consistently score in the 20s overall has made him a perfect midline player.

The Blues will not have enough cap space to add a star player to their roster when they are a defense-starved team.

Grzelcyk and other players fit the mold of dependable, excellent defensemen who can have an impact.


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