Latest Maple Leafs News: Just In Toronto Maple Leafs Confirm Another Top Sensational Star Player Just Rejected To Sign New Contract…..

Goalie Joseph Woll and the Toronto Maple Leafs are reportedly nearing a three-year contract extension, according to Kevin Weekes. Woll’s current $775K contract has one year left on it; therefore, his new deal won’t start until the 2025–2026 season. The estimated seasonally gross amount for the deal is $3.5 to $4 million.

On July 1, 2025, Woll was scheduled to become a restricted free agent.

With a 22-13-1 record and a.915 save percentage over parts of three seasons with Toronto, Woll has established himself in the NHL. Despite having a few injury setbacks during the season, he replaced Ilya Samsonov in the starting lineup when the latter was having trouble, and he was instrumental for Toronto in the playoffs this year. Woll’s history of injuries makes him a question mark for durability, and general manager Brad Treliving did mention in his post-season media availability that the team wanted to make sure those injuries wouldn’t be a recurring problem.

The injury to Joseph Woll varies from week to week.
Given that Woll is more skilled and talented than Samsonov, who is valued at $3.55 million, Woll should be worth more. His durability is in doubt, though, not his abilities. Not enough data has been gathered to determine whether he can continue to play goaltending and be a trustworthy starter. Because of this, a few Toronto supporters are doubting this choice.

The Maple Leafs Feel At Ease Investing in Woll
Waiting puts Toronto at risk of having Woll have a breakout year in 2024–25, which would cause his value to soar. It will be nearly impossible to convince him to sign a $3.5 million extension if that occurs. Although the salary lets them go out and get a 1B option, Toronto’s management has made it clear that they still want him to start for them over the next few seasons.

The team is looking for a backup goaltender to help Woll in the event of any injuries going forward, as Ilya Samsonov is expected to hit free agency. Rumor had it that they’d kicked tires on Jacob Markstrom, who ended up playing for the Devils. Linus Ullmark was also mentioned, but rumors have it that Ullmark may be moving to Ottawa.

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