SAD Twins News: Just In Minnesota Twins Just Announced Two Fans Favorite Top Sensational High Profile Superstar Injured Due TO……

We are aware of Max Kepler’s potential when his health is at its peak. But is it possible for him to escape his present injury pit with just one arm?

In a startling turn of events, Max Kepler recently disclosed to his manager, Rocco Baldelli, that he has been experiencing some persistent pain in his left arm, primarily because it was torn clean off his torso over the weekend.

What’s even more astonishing—though hardly unexpected considering the subject matter of the narrative—is Kepler’s insistence that he’ll be back to his best come the weekend series in Seattle.

The right fielder, 30, stated, “Yeah, it hurts, but I’m not sure I’m ready to call it an actual injury yet.” “Give me a couple of extra days, and I assure you that I will return, stronger than before.”

Since last Thursday, when he experienced neck stiffness prior to his first inning at-bat, Kepler has not been able to play. Then, with two outs, he would try a bunt before ultimately sliding shamelessly but unsuccessfully headfirst into the first base bag.

Kepler made a number of dubious decisions, but it was expected considering his recent way of thinking when faced with the choice between playing through the discomfort or losing playing time.

A member of the Twins’ training staff stated, “I really do appreciate the dog in him that wants to stay in the fight.” “But you’re not a lizard, dude.” By Friday, that thing won’t be growing back.

Early this morning, Kepler was spotted in the Twins weight room spreading what looked like chia seeds over the shoulder that had held his left arm. He then took a one-armed batting practice session in the batting cage.

Look, I had a great feeling when I escaped the cage today. Kepler continued, “I’m still trying to figure out a few things, mostly the arm thing,” as he checked on the effectiveness of the chia mixture on a regular basis. The main factor is pain tolerance, and how difficult can that be? Correct, Buck?

He glanced at Byron Buxton, who nodded in agreement as he prepared for his daily six-hour pregame treatment on iron lung.

Regarding a possible roster change, the Twins’ reliable slugger has a history of avoiding injury stints by manipulating his manager. Whether that persuasion will bear fruit this time around remains to be seen.

Baldelli admitted, “I’m not sure what we should do with him.” He is, on the one hand, a leader on this team going into a pivotal stretch leading up to the All-Star break. Conversely, since it is on the arm that was severed, there really isn’t another hand.

In the event that the team chooses to place Kepler on the injured list, a fully recovered Matt Wallner could step in and play well for the duration. However, the club decided against giving him a promotion when Alex Kirilloff was placed on the injured list just last week. The Twins now need to determine whether to believe Kepler when he says Wallner will be ready for action soon or whether to give Wallner another chance.

“I understand whatever decision they make. However, I genuinely believe I’ll be able to support the team very soon,” Kepler, who never stops hoping, stated. “And I feel better than ever in my neck.”

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