BREAKING NEWS: Just In Chris Klieman Just Confirm Another Top Sensational Star Player Just Announced His Departure……

If you own a gaming system like the majority of Americans, you are undoubtedly looking forward to EA Sports College Football 25’s July 19th release.

Fans of the game have been so ecstatic about its ten-year break that they have clung to every glimpse of gameplay and piece of information that has been disclosed.

With less than a month until the game’s release, EA Sports has provided fans with the most information yet, keeping them on the edge of their seats with live looks and various ranking systems.

The game’s cover art and release date were massive, but perhaps the most significant release outside of the game itself was the publication of team and player rankings. Kansas State was rewarded in the defensive power rankings even though they did not place in the top 25 in the offensive power rankings, which were released first.

With an overall ranking of 84, Kansas State was one of four Big 12 teams to rank among the top 25 defensive power rankings.

EA Sports rewards Kansas State for their efforts in the offseason by bringing in recruits and transfers through the transfer portal, following their stellar defensive performance in 2023. They were rated higher than West Virginia, Kansas, and Arizona, three Big 12 teams with formidable defenses.

The next to be released are player and overall team rankings. Avery Johnson and DJ Giddens are two players whose rankings should be interesting to watch.


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