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Bo Nix, the No. 12 pick in the 2024 NFL draft, and Jarrett Stidham, a former Auburn football player, are competing with former New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson for the position of starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos in 2024.

Stidham outperformed Nix in the first few weeks of the Broncos’ quarterback competition, but Wilson was also praised for his “lively arm” and appeared to be a viable choice for Sean Payton to hand the offense off to.

However, according to Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk, Nix is back on top and doesn’t appear to be giving up his starting position based on the -400 odds that DraftKings gave the Heisman finalist to begin. Stidham is offered the longest odds at +650, while Wilson has the second-best odds at +450.

Jarrett Stidham, a former quarterback for Auburn football, could be cut by the Broncos.
It is not good for Stidham’s long-term prospects in the Mile High City, or anywhere else, to fall all the way to the back of the line. Unlike Nix or even Wilson, a 2021 draftee, Stidham is not a spring chicken anymore as a 2019 draftee. In a QB room lacking experience, this was his chance to earn a starting position, but it doesn’t seem like he will even get the backup job.

In the event that Denver chooses to cut Stidham, it’s unclear if any of the 32 NFL teams currently have room for him. Real-time experience QBs are valuable, and injuries could present an opportunity at some point during the season. However, Stidham is losing ground in the game as a growing number of college quarterbacks enter the market, making him a less appealing target.

Though it seemed like Stidham had a real chance to take Russell Wilson’s spot as the Broncos’ starting quarterback, the UFL is always an option. Now that he is lagging even Wilson, he appears to be a lock to be cut prior to the season.


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