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There seemed to be a shift in the Toronto Maple Leafs’ desired direction when Craig Berube was appointed as the team’s new bench boss. At his initial press conference and media availability, you understood that right away.

The Maple Leafs’ playoff performance felt like the same old song and tale, so they needed a fresh perspective behind the bench. Berube seems to be that guy because he got along well with former teammates and helped the St. Louis Blues win the Stanley Cup in 2019.

Even though the 2024–25 season is still months away, Berube is already in the process of assuming the role of coach and meeting with players, finalizing staff, and formulating a plan for them to follow when play begins. At the NHL Draft in Las Vegas in 2024, he discussed all three.

Desiring to Be Heard
Even though training camp is still months away and the offseason is just getting started, head coaches should still try to create a plan now. The way that Berube wants his team to develop a sense of identity and how they will play and be perceived at every game was the one thing that really stood out.

“Just an identity,” Berube remarked. “The way we want to play every night and how we want to be as a team. What I’m looking for in a coach and what I expect from you as a player is more than anything an identity, or knowing what to expect like this.

Berube also wants his team to be dedicated. He made it clear during his first media appearance that he wanted his team to be a “heavy team” in order for them to “win puck battles” and “be strong on pucks.” In the past, they have attempted to be confrontational by bringing them in. Some players seem to avoid playing in a physical manner, but those players were able to play it. Although having the skill is great, Berube wants the Maple Leafs to play a style of hockey that every team can play.

Berube appears to be emphasizing accountability and effective team communication above all else. That was his primary message during his initial press conference. Berube has shown a great ability to establish a strong connection between coach and player, which is necessary for accountability.

Meeting with Marner and the Players
It’s always observed that a new coach meets with the players to get to know them. Berube is thrilled about the chance and has already met with some of the team’s players.

Berube remarked, “I’ve pretty much talked to every player on the team.” “Hands-on, Zoom, and phone calls—all excellent. I’m excited to collaborate with each of these guys.

The meeting with star winger Mitch Marner was the most significant one, and everyone wanted to know about it. On social media, there was a picture that a fan posted of Berube meeting and conversing with Marner at a coffee shop. Berube claimed he ignored it, moved on, and was more concerned with concentrating on the player and the contributions he could make to the team.

Berube characterized Marner as a “character guy.” In addition to being a fantastic player, he’s a great guy. It will be a pleasure to mentor him.

Marner has come under intense scrutiny because of the disparity in play between the regular season and postseason. Despite having three seasons with 90 points or more and having nearly reached the 100-point milestone twice in his career, he was the only star who failed to live up to expectations during the playoffs. He wasn’t the same gregarious, play-driving version of himself that usually was; he read poorly, took long routes, lacked intensity, and made decisions that many found unsettling.

In the past, Marner has proven to be a dominant player who plays the way Berube wants his team to play—laying everything on the line. Berube is the only coach who has the ability to connect with Marner and help him perform at his peak. When he played for the Blues, he had no stars at his disposal. He now has four available, including Marner.

Early in his career, Marner demonstrated an ability to improve his play in the postseason. Now that he is in a contract year and the entire season is on the line, he has the opportunity to do so.

Knowledge of Savard
The addition of Marc Savard, a well-known figure, was the largest change to Berube’s coaching staff. Savard has two NHL assistant coaching stints under his belt; the first was with Berube during their time with the Calgary Flames and the Blues in the previous campaign. Berube was all praise for Savard.

“As a player, I spent some time with Mark,” Berube recalled. “I adore his character. He was an excellent offensive player and power play specialist. I ran the power play with him for a short while in St. Louis and was pleased with his performance.

“I think the familiarity, the reason I wanted to bring him back, and his fit with our power play will be excellent.”

The Maple Leafs have a history of being overly dependable and struggling in the postseason. It is expected that a new philosophy will be implemented now that a new voice is controlling the power play. Savard talked about avoiding set plays because they can establish a rhythm and possibly inspire the Maple Leafs to try something different.

The stats show how successful Savard was in leading the man advantage. With a formidable group of forwards to work with this season, they can look to find success once more now that Berube has someone he can trust in the past.

Berube, who will soon begin his rookie campaign with the Maple Leafs, has been busy getting ready for what lies ahead. In an attempt to find some consistency and get back on the right track, the Maple Leafs answered some important questions during the draft, giving us an idea of what’s to come.


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