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The football history of Kansas State is fascinating. They had a number of difficult seasons, and it appeared that the show would always be like that. Then, a single, straightforward action—hiring a single coach—made a huge impact.

Bill Snyder was that coach. Snyder gave Kansas State a refresher on their winning strategies and what made a strong program.

Again, let’s not forget about the Snyder era—there have been prosperous periods in Kansas State’s history. Along with them, they have experienced recent success under head coach Chris Klieman.

In keeping with the winning theme, let’s now examine the teams Kansas State has never faced and, regrettably, never defeated. First, let’s take a look at the teams they have never faced.

Let’s examine each team and the Wildcats’ record against them. Kansas State has never lost to a total of 28 FBS programs.

Programs for non-power conferences
Air Force: 3-1
Akron wins 1-0.
Ball State wins 1-0.
Green Bowling: 2-0
FAU: 2-0, FIU: 1-0
Kent State wins 1-0.
Louisiana UMass: 3-0; Monroe: 2-0
Nevada: 0-1
UNLV: 2–0
State of New Mexico: 4-0
Charlotte wins 1-0.
Ohio wins 1-0.
Rice: 2-0
Temple: 3-1
UTSA wins 2-0.
Troy wins 2-0.
Western Kentucky: 3-1

ACC Cal (1-0): The only previous meeting between Kansas State and Cal occurred in 2003, when the Wildcats easily prevailed 42-28. Though there aren’t many expectations, this matchup may occur in the future with Al moving to the ACC.

Miami (2-0): In their home-and-away series in 2011 and 2012, Kansas State narrowly missed out on a 52-13 victory at home in 2012 and a 28-24 victory in Miami in 2011.

NC State (1-0): The only victory for Kansas State over NC State occurred in the Pop-Tarts Bowl in 2023, during Avery Johnson’s first-ever career start and the game’s MVP award. The Wildcats faced a highly regarded opponent in a hard-fought game and gained insight into what lies ahead for them with Johnson.

Big 12 Houston (1-0): The first time Kansas State faced Houston was during Houston’s official Big 12 membership. The Cougars were defeated by the Wildcats, but now that they are in the same conference, this team may be able to find success in the future.

UCF (2-0): Since both teams play in the same conference, Kansas State will likely lose to the Knights at some point. Until then, though, they can claim to have defeated UCF twice.

Big Ten Michigan (1-0): When Kansas State and Michigan met in the 2013 Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl, Kansas State triumphed 31-14 over a formidable Michigan squad.

USC (2-0): This is the first time Kansas State and USC have faced each other since their home-and-away series in 2001 and 2002, in which Kansas State, led by Bill Snyder, prevailed both times.

Pac-12 Oregon State (1-0): The Wildcats successfully defended their home field and won a close game 22-16 in 1979, marking the last meeting between Kansas State and Oregon State.

Tennessee (1-0): In their only meeting, which took place in the Cotton Bowl during the 2000 season, Kansas State defeated Tennessee 35-21.


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