Another Sad News: Atlanta Braves Have Just Announced The Departure Of Another Two Top Experienced Star Players Due To……..

Understandably, the Atlanta Braves’ outfield production has been lacking since the departure of Michael Harris and Ronald Acuña Jr. The offense hasn’t played with the power-driven dominance of a season ago and has been wildly inconsistent overall.

The foundation of this Braves team is pitching, along with defense and a reliable bullpen. It is no secret that the team needs to make improvements to increase their offensive output if they are to have any chance of making the playoffs.

The team should focus entirely on strengthening the outfield and shortstop positions, despite some conjecture that they might try to add a fifth starter. The Braves need to add a platoon for Adam Duvall and at least one potential starter to the outfield.

Despite their recent struggles, the Braves ought to be searching for Adam Duvall’s platoon partner.
Adam Duvall has been a huge letdown during a season when Atlanta needed the veteran to perform better. With Duvall utterly out of sorts, recent ABs against right-handed pitching have been unwatchable.

That being said, the team shouldn’t give up on a player who was essential to their 2021 World Series run just yet. With Duvall’s lengthy tenure with the team and postseason experience, Atlanta shouldn’t give up on him given their lack of depth.

The deadline should be to move Duvall into a platoon or bench role. In light of this, former Met and current Giant Michael Conforto is a buy-low option the Braves may want to take into consideration.

Depending on Atlanta’s subsequent decisions, Conforto would provide the team with a fantastic bench or platoon piece and be an instant upgrade. Conforto hasn’t had the best splits against righties this season either, but he is a career.259 against right-handers and ought to add some statistical upgrades to Atlanta’s starting lineup.

Even with their difficulties, Atlanta’s lineup continues to inspire more fear and respect than the Giants can manage right now. Conforto is nearing the end of his contract and presents a low-cost rental option with significant potential.

The addition of a player with a long resume in the hopes that a change of scenery and a stronger lineup will produce better results would fit the Braves general manager’s usual deadline approach. In a historic 2021 trade deadline, this strategy brought Eddie Rosario, Joc Pederson, and Jorge Soler to Atlanta.

In a similar vein, Michael Conforto is a potentially underappreciated addition that might be just what Atlanta needs. It would be beneficial for Duvall and Conforto to have regular days off and be able to handle much less offensive pressure. Atlanta also has a great late-inning pinch-hit option in Conforto.

If the veteran’s career is revitalized by Eddie Rosario’s recent addition, then this move doesn’t make sense for Atlanta. The Braves can pair Rosario with Duvall and concentrate on adding a more noteworthy player by the deadline if he returns to the player that he was in Atlanta early.

Rosario and the Braves appear to have run out of luck, as the team now needs to add a left-handed bat to go along with Duvall. If so, Conforto would be a low-cost, high-leverage option that would fit right into the Braves lineup.


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