Another Shocking News: Just In Toronto Maple Leafs Confirm Another Two Top Sensational Players Just Agree To Leave Maple Leafs……..

The Leafs must figure out how to start winning in the postseason.

The club has spent the last eight seasons taking part in the spring dance. However, they have only once advanced past the first round.

And that needs to alter.

Some believe Brad Treliving needs to trade Mitch Marner in order to make it work.

Due to his lack of involvement on the ice during the playoffs last season, the forward received criticism.

But that’s not how Brian Burke thinks.

The Leafs Nation podcast features Burke, a former general manager in Toronto, who argues that Mitch Marner is not the logical player to trade. however, William Nylander

As Brian Burke explains, Mitch Marner’s ability to score runs makes him a valuable member of the Toronto team’s offensive line.

Marner can be used for anything, unlike Nylander. That’s why the former general manager would exchange Marner for the Swede.

Nevertheless, you have to question whether Brad Treliving truly feels like dealing Nylander after making an offer of a $82 million, eight-year contract that started on July 1.

If Nylander is traded by the Leafs before he has even played a game under his new contract, that would be truly special. But nobody is safe from surprises in the NHL.

In the Queen City, there are no short cuts.

If Auston Matthews is untouchable, Brad Treliving has a decision to make and a few options at his disposal.

Exchange Marner Exchange Nylander
Trade Tavares, even though his contract keeps his value from being very high.
Maintain the current group and give it one more shot to see if it succeeds.

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