SAD NEWS: Just in Dallas Mavericks Officially Announce The Departure OF Another Top Experienced High Profile Superstar……

Klay Thompson has dedicated his career to playing for the Golden State Warriors since the 2011 NBA Draft. Warriors fans saw Thompson rise from a rookie to a champion, winning four titles in eight years and making it to six finals.

Following a 13-year career, Klay Thompson has now joined Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving in the Dallas Mavericks, adding a fifth to his collection. But nothing will ever be forgotten about his relationship with the Bay Area and the franchise. Coach Steve Kerr said in an interview at the USA Basketball camp that the former Splash brother might one day have a statue of himself outside the Arena.

Following Thompson’s announcement, the greatest feelings have been expressed on social media in the last few days, as seen by Kevin Durant’s remarks to Stephen Curry that he posted on his personal page. However, the Splash Brothers have a bond that goes beyond friendship. The world had already seen how close Thompson was to the Golden State Warriors when, immediately following the victory, Curry dedicated the championship to his Splash Brother.

After Klay Thompson’s departure, Steve Kerr stated that things don’t always go as expected.
There are numerous accounts of former teammates and coaches expressing their gratitude for Klay Thompson amid the void his departure from the Bay Area has created. For 13 long years, Thompson has been open about his devotion to the Warriors, forging priceless relationships with every member of the team.

During the USA basketball camp, coach Steve Kerr shared an emotional story about how they had intended to work with Thompson to reform and move forward together, but things ultimately didn’t work out as planned. The former superstar from the Bay Area has joined the Dallas Mavericks, and Kerr feels that this change in his career was necessary for him.

It has been observed that Steve Kerr and the Warriors organization are wishing Thompson well in his upcoming ventures with the Dallas Mavericks. There have also been numerous revelations regarding the former franchise’s intentions to retain Thompson for a little while longer.

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