Another Sad News: San Antonio Spurs Just Confirm Top Sensational High Profile Superstar Wants To Leave Due To…………..

Chris Paul gave a straightforward justification for his decision to join the San Antonio Spurs over other teams that were more likely to contend.

The Golden State Warriors cut Paul late last month. He agreed to sign a one-year, $11 million contract with the Spurs without any delay.

Paul was questioned about his hasty choice to sign with the Spurs, who are not expected to be a competitive club in the upcoming season, during his first press conference on Tuesday.

Wearing silver and black, the 19-year-old veteran indicated to the significant role he’ll probably be asked to play. Paul also acknowledged that his ambition to play a bigger part overrode the comfort of playing somewhere nearer to his Los Angeles home.

“I adore nothing more than getting to play, participate, and hoops. I could be close to home because I love basketball so much, but I’m not happy if I’m not playing,” Paul remarked.

And my family is everything to me. My family knows me better than anyone, and they understand that all I want to do is play, so when we discovered this opportunity, we took it even though it will keep me away from them. I’d rather play than do anything else.

Paul saw his first-ever use off the bench during his one and only season with the Warriors. He averaged less than 10 points per game and played a career-low 26.4 minutes per game.

Paul will play a far more important role with the Spurs as the floor general opposite French sensation Victor Wembanyama.


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