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Dallas โ€” The Summer League squad of the Dallas Mavericks is concentrated on getting ready for Las Vegas. But in the last two days, there have been several mentions of a former Mavs player who signed with the Los Angeles Clippers in NBA free agency, with Summer League quickly approaching. Speaking with media, Mavs Summer League players Alex Fudge and AJ Lawson both acknowledged Derrick Jones Jr.

When asked who players he has approached for advice, Fudge said on Tuesday, “When he was here, Derrick Jones.” “I notice that I greatly favor him. Play above the rim, guard, and have the same build. Right now, PJ (Washington), Dereck Lively, come to mind. Those boys have definitely stepped up to the plate.

In response to a similar query on Wednesday, Lawson stated, “Definitely the OG… (Markieff) Morris.” “That’s really big, bro.” He resembles the team’s outspoken leader. And after that, for me I’m a huge fan of Derrick Jones since he’s an excellent defender. I questioned him about specific actions he would take because I hope to be in his shoes eventually, beginning on a competing team. Since we essentially have the same build and posture, studying from him was quite beneficial.

How much of a loss will Derrick Jones Jr. be?
In the second game of the 2024 NBA Finals at TD Garden, Dallas Mavericks forward Derrick Jones Jr. (age 55) shoots the ball against the Boston Celtics during the third quarter.
America TODAY Sports’ Peter Casey
To what extent will Jones be missed then? After several players emphasized how much they looked up to Jones, I asked Lawson that question.

Lawson stated, “He’s going to be missed for sure.” “That is our man.” Though I’m sorry to see, I hope he does well. I still ask him questions every time I have them. The Mavericks family is someone you can reach out to at any moment, even in their absence.

It makes sense that Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic took center stage for the Mavericks during the 2023โ€“24 campaign. They are two of the NBA’s top players, after all. However, Jones ignited things on both ends of the ball.

He had solid scoring ability and the ability to finish off a huge dunk at any time. But Jones’s defense was his biggest strength. He often guarded the best players on the other team and made them work for their shots.

Regarding Derrick Jones Jr., Jared Dudley is honest.
Head coach of the Mavericks Summer League and member of Jason Kidd’s regular season coaching staff, Jared Dudley, disclosed a crucial chat he had with Jones during the previous season. In addition, Dudley gave his support to Naji Marshall, who was acquired as a free agent by the NBA and is working on initiatives to assist replace Jones.

Joey Mistretta
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I asked Jared Dudley how much Derrick Jones Jr. will be missed and what his prior influence on the Mavericks was.

Although Dudley acknowledged Jones’ passing, he gave a nod to Naji Marshall, the newest Maverick.


Joey Mistretta
Mistretta Joey @Mistretta_Joey
I recently chatted with AJ Lawson, and he revealed that throughout the previous season, he looked up to Derrick Jones Jr. Alex Fudge said something similar yesterday.

Although the Mavericks have enjoyed a fantastic offseason, Dallas will undoubtedly miss Jones.

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“Jones made a significant contribution defensively,” Dudley stated on Wednesday. He was the finest player on defense for us. However, there were occasions when we had to order him to pick up the entire court since he wasn’t playing or wasn’t on the bench. You can ask D-Jones; I recall having this talk with him. “Hey, would you rather be a $2 million player or a $12 million player?” I said. What you shoot is what it is, period. You’ve consistently been in the 34โ€“36 (percent) area. You will not shoot forty, forty-two (percent). You are not that person. God has given you athletic gifting. Picking up the ball, your effort and energy are what you can manage. For some of these offensive players, you have to make it a living hell.

And he discovered that. As a result, $10 million is awarded to him and his family.

It appears that Dudley’s guidance contributed to Jones’ outstanding season. Jones has now agreed to a three-year, $30 million deal in Los Angeles and will be joining the Clippers. Luckily, the Mavericks have added some excellent players throughout the offseason.

Among the Mavericks’ significant offseason additions is Naji Marshall.
The Pelicans of Naji Marshall
For USA TODAY Sports, Matt Bush
Among the additions, Klay Thompson stands out. In the Tim Hardaway Jr. trade, Quentin Grimes was obtained. Moreover, Naji Marshall signed a free agency contract.

Dudley outlined a few of Marshall’s advantages.

Dudley went on, “But Marshall is very similar, but in a different way.” “You don’t need to be concerned about Marshall being rough and unforgiving. Given that he is from Philadelphia, he will be that way from the start. slightly improves their ball-striking ability.

Although Marshall is an exciting addition, Jones will be missed.

Therefore, even though you might miss it in certain respects, bringing someone like Marshall will benefit you greatly. A level of toughness that this squad sorely lacks and needs.

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