Latest Vikings Update: Just In Minnesota Vikings Confirm THE Signing OF Another Fans Favorite Superstar Player From….

JJ McCarthy still has “a long ways to go” in his Vikings career, which is off to a rough start.
It’s common knowledge that you only get one chance to make an impression. All except JJ McCarthy.

McCarthy isn’t having a great start to his career, despite being the next in line for a long career with the Vikings and big stats in home Wild Card losses. Yes, it’s similar to Day 2 of OTAs, but I can take this much anymore. The career of JJ McCarthy is collapsing. Will Ragatz of “Inside the Vikings” reports, “Vikings Working on Mechanical Tweak With Rookie QB J.J. McCarthy.”

“In the spring, players should focus on technique coaching, offensive and defensive scheme implementation, and repetition-based learning. Thus, it’s noteworthy that J.J. McCarthy, the Vikings’ rookie quarterback, is working with him on a particular aspect of his footwork.

“McCarthy’s development is still quite a ways off. His footwork and lower body mechanics, his upper body mechanics, his playbook command, his ability to read NFL defenses, his accuracy consistency, and everything else you can think of still need work. Still, the Vikings are happy with his current situation.”

To be clear, the Vikings are happy with McCarthy’s initial impressions; however, he still needs to work on strengthening his feet, legs, torso, upper body, and mental load. Other than that, though, the Vikings are happy with his current situation. Aside from those issues, the rookie’s experience is going well.

McCarthy is reportedly being worked on aligning himself out of the shotgun with his left foot forward, which is a completely different setup than what he did at Michigan. That checks out because the NFL is known for being a safe place to completely redo your footwork and posture.

It’s not unfair, in my opinion, to suggest that Minnesota’s McCarthy era is coming to an end. Super Bowls are won in OTAs, and it’s difficult to win a Super Bowl if you don’t know which foot to step forward. For the next five years, the NFC North will be a three-team race, I say.

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