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Tommy Tuberville was a football coach for forty years prior to being elected to the United States Senate from Alabama. He had notable stints as head coach of the Ole Miss Rebels and the Auburn Tigers. After the 1998 season, Tuberville reportedly said, “They’ll have to carry me out of here in a pine box,” in response to rumors that he was leaving Ole Miss. Less than a week later, he relocated to Auburn. During his ten seasons with the Tigers, Tuberville went undefeated in 2004 with Carnell “Cadillac” Williams (a special mention goes to Jason Campbell) and Ronnie Brown in the backfield.

Auburn and Tuberville kept winning until 2008, when they hit a rough patch and finished 5-7, which finally forced their former AP Coach of the Year to resign. But it makes you wonder where Auburn and Tuberville would be now if they hadn’t had a poor season or if a good recruiting class had been anticipated. Tyler Siskey, co-host of the McCready and Siskey Podcast, discussed how karma might have put an end to Tuberville’s incredible run in the SEC during an episode that aired early this week. It was an epic tale that will live on forever.

Tim Siskey, a former wide receiver for Auburn football, shares Tommy Tuberville’s personal story.
Football star Tommy Tuberville of Auburn
Football star Tommy Tuberville of Auburn (Dave Martin, File/AP Photo)
Tommy Tuberville is well into his political career, so even though his days as a coach are long gone, rumors about his antics as a bench boss still circulate. Tim Siskey, a former wide receiver for Auburn football who is now a college coach, talked about his experience with Tuberville in a three-minute video posted on the McCready and Siskey Podcast’s TikTok page on Monday. Siskey received his release documents from Tuberville during his first offseason as Auburn’s head ball coach, even without any prodding.

Among the causes for which the transfer portal was required.

— June 9, 2024, Carl Reed Jr. (@CoachReedLive)

“Tyler, I signed six wide receivers yesterday,” Tuberville said, beckoning Siskey into his office. It will be on the visiting sidelines if you still have dreams of running out of that tunnel. Do you want to be released? After Siskey agreed to leave the Tigers, his now-former head coach gave him his printed and signed release forms. But for eligibility purposes, the wide receiver was required to remain at Auburn through the spring quarter.
Siskey went on to say that he picked up a returning starter from practice while waiting for the spring quarter to end, and that they only found out about the player’s release on the way home. After Siskey lent the car to his friend, the friend returned to the facility and found that Tubervile had revoked his scholarship after practice.

Following his playing career, Siskey transitioned into coaching, first joining Troy, his alma mater, and then Northwestern (La.) State and Arkansas State. But his time at St. Paul’s Episcopal, a prestigious high school, completed the circle of his Tuberville experience.

Mark Baron and A.J. McCarron: Join Alabama Football
Auburn University Football
Former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron thought he would be selected in the first round of the NFL draft, but he didn’t find out until the fifth round. Along with the Crimson Tide, he won three titles. (Getty Images / Kevin C. Cox)
At St. Paul’s Episcopal School in Mobile, where they won the 2007 state 5A championship, Tyler Siskey worked as an assistant for four seasons. When Tommy Tuberville was the head coach of the Auburn football team, he noticed the talent at St. Paul’s Episcopal School. Tuberville finally ran into Siskey, the former player he had sent away without thinking, while on a recruiting visit to St. Paul’s Episcopal. In a one-on-one, the top college coach and high school offensive coordinator replayed their earlier exchange, with Siskey apparently harboring resentment.

Siskey declared that he would never advise a recruit to stay away from a school, but he would tell the truth if they inquired about him. No recruit from St. Paul’s Episcopal school, including future Alabama Crimson Tide stars A.J. McCarron and Mark Barron, was signed by Tuberville. McCarron won three BCS Championships for Alabama, and Barron was named an All-American.
It fits, Senator Tommy Tuberville. Near the end of the sound bite, Siskey seemed to be taking a jab at the senator when he said, “He chose the right profession.” Since taking office in 2021, Tuberville has represented Alabama as a senator. He has generated controversy due to his opposition to the 2020 presidential election and his vote against the establishment of an impartial commission to look into the Capitol attack the following year.

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