ESPN Report Sad News: Just In New England Patriots Head Coach Just Announced The Departure OF Another Top Experienced Star Player

Drake Maye, a rookie quarterback for the New England Patriots, recently discussed his struggles in OTAs. The Patriots are gradually integrating the third overall selection into their offense. On the depth chart, he was initially a QB3, but last week, he was given QB2 reps.

Drake Maye has experienced a difficult week.
As was previously mentioned on GH, Mike Reiss of ESPN reported that Maye struggled this week with the promotion:

On a play where he and running back Antonio Gibson seemed to be at odds, Maye threw one red zone interception on Tuesday. Security Gibson cut off Maye’s route, and Kyle Dugger dove to intercept, as if Maye had expected Gibson to keep cutting across the field.

Additionally, in a different drill conducted outside of the red zone, Maye misdirected a pass to veteran receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster, which rookie cornerback Kaleb Ford-Dement, who was not selected, easily intercepted.

Maye subsequently declared that he intended to learn from the few throws that he wished he could have had back.

During OTAs, Maye is not the only rookie quarterback experiencing growing pains. J.J. McCarthy, the quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, struggles with accuracy. Caleb Williams, the rookie quarterback for the Chicago Bears, has demonstrated amazing arm talent, but he finds it difficult to handle pressure during team drills. In addition, he’s struggling to get a snap and use the cadence.

Jayden Daniels of the Washington Commanders is arguably the rookie who is enjoying himself the most during OTAs this spring. Although he faltered a little in a 7-on-7 exercise, he has performed well in team drills.
Maye praises the defense of the New England Patriots.
Lowres: USATSI 23341969 168400517
2024 May 21, Boston, Massachusetts, USA: New England Patriots quarterback Drake Maye watches the Boston Celtics during pregame warm-ups before the team plays Indiana Pacers in game one of the Eastern Conference Finals of the NBA Playoffs. Required Credit: USA TODAY Sports/Bob DeChiara
Maye believes he understands why he’s having trouble this spring. Reiss provided an update, in which Maye stated that it is difficult to counter the Patriots’ defense:
The No. 3 pick in the 2024 draft, Maye, said, “We’re getting great work out here [as an offense] because our defense does a great job.” Numerous unique pieces. They have a wide range of abilities. They are adept at hiding. They do a fantastic job bringing various blitzes. That, in my opinion, is what sets them apart.

It’s not easy for Jacoby Brissett either.
USATSI 21190715
At Cleveland Browns Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, on August 11, 2023, quarterback Jacoby Brissett (12) of the Washington Commanders throws a pass to the Cleveland Browns during the first half of play. Required Credit: USA TODAY Sports/Ken Blaze
There are other quarterbacks who are struggling against the Patriots defense besides Maye. The defense, which was among the best in the league a season ago, seems to be leading the way this spring and hasn’t changed much from then on.

This week, the Patriots’ starting quarterback, Jacoby Brissett, struggled to find the end zone against a top defense:

It has occasionally shown in voluntary spring practices, like it did on Tuesday during a press-only session when the defense largely clamped down on the offense in the red zone, particularly frustrating current starter and veteran quarterback Jacoby Brissett at one point.

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