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With the fifth pick, the LA Chargers surprised a lot of fans and analysts alike by selecting Joe Alt, an offensive tackle from Notre Dame. Many believed the Bolts would select LSU wide receiver Malik Nabers with the first pick due to the team’s need for depth on the roster and his undeniable talent.

Unfortunately, general manager Joe Hortiz decided to add Alt, one of the safest tackle selections in recent memory, to the trenches instead. Even though anything can happen, it would be extremely surprising if Alt were to fail to establish a sustained and successful NFL career.

The Chargers are hoping to be in Los Angeles for the prime years of that career. Almost a month has passed since the 2024 NFL Draft, and the Bolts have finally reached an agreement on Alt’s rookie contract. With a $20.9 million signing bonus, the fifth overall pick in the draft inked a four-year, $33.2 million contract.

Joe Alt joins the Chargers, making Ladd McConkey the lone unsigned rookie
After signing a contract, the Chargers only have to sign second-round pick Ladd McConkey as a rookie. With a wide receiver shortage in their offense, McConkey, who Los Angeles traded up for, is expected to play a significant role.

Although McConkey is the final rookie to sign, Chargers supporters shouldn’t be overly concerned about this. Signing rookie contracts is almost never problematic, and when it is, as it was with Joey Bosa in 2016, it’s usually worked out before the season starts.

When a rookie contract has a problem, it always has to do with the signing bonus and any offset language included. That was Bosa’s problem, and it eventually permeated training camp. With second-round picks typically having much smaller signing bonuses than high first-round picks, McConkey and the Chargers have less to lose.

A deal with McConkey will be completed with plenty of time to spare, just like with Alt. When a deal is completed is more important than whether it will be completed.


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