“I Want To Leave”: Just In Boston Bruins Just Confirm Another Top Sensational Star Player Sends Heartfelt Goodbye To Bruins Teammates, Fans…..

Since before last March’s trade deadline, Boston Bruins supporters have been keeping an ear out for NHL rumors.

All of the rumors came to pass on Monday when the Boston Bruins declared they had actually parted ways with their goalie tandem, sending Linus Ullmark to the Ottawa Sentators.

Through a post on his Instagram account, Ullmark expressed his sincere gratitude to his Bruins teammates, coaches, supporters, and others.

Thank you so much for everything.

To all of the amazing teammates, managers, trainers, coaches, employees, chefs, and bull gang—and most importantly, to all of you Bruins supporters. I have too many memories from my time in Boston to list, and I will always treasure the relationships and friendships you helped forge.

Both my family and I will always hold a particular place in our hearts for you guys.

How do you feel?
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A few standouts:
— Listening to the entire fan base sing “Sweet Caroline” at the Fenway Winter Classic.
— Marchy’s 1000th game and Bergy’s 1000+ point feat.
Pasta scored more than 60 goals.
— purchasing Christmas toys for the Children’s Hospital, to mention a few
— dressing up for Halloween and visiting the hospital.
“Swaynta”: Honoring a century of Bruins hockey.

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forward to more experiences in life and hockey.

Linus Ullmark

Highlights of Ullmarks’ time in Boston were shared in the post, along with family photos and his Vezina victory.

Surely, Bruins supporters will be keeping an eye on the dates. In order to repay Ullmark for all the love he showed them during his three years wearing the Spoked-B, Boston will play the Senators at TD Garden in 2024–25. Before the puck drops, the fans might also get a goalie hug at center ice.

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