SAD NEWS: Just In Boston Bruins Head Coach Confirm Top Experienced High Profile Superstar Future Is Not in Boston Has He Want To Leave……

It has long been known that Boston is not where Jake DeBrusk’s future lies. Although he hasn’t left yet, there have been rumors in the past few years that he would be better off somewhere else.

And he will be in demand this summer as a free agent.

Is this a man who can make all the difference for a club? No. However, the player from Alberta is still capable of providing a team with some intriguing output. Points Between 40 and 50

(Source: Hockey DB)
Which team will hire him is the question.

Given his youth, it is reasonable to assume that multiple teams will be vying for his services over the course of the next few seasons.

Which teams, though?

Jimmy Murphy has listed some teams he believes are potential suitors. One of those teams is the Montreal Canadiens.

That’s not to say the native of Alberta isn’t interacting with others, of course.

Murphy, for instance, stated that it was reasonable to assume that the Calgary Flames might be interested in him in the comments section of his tweet.

The Canadiens, the Maple Leafs, and the Oilers (he’s from Edmonton) are all on the list. If Murphy is any indication, this is a man who, if he wants to start a bidding war, had better say yes to going back to the nation.

Is he interested in playing for a team like the Habs, though?

Will Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes be able to persuade him to move from Boston to Montreal with the right words? Is he interested in playing for Martin St-Louis?


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