GOOD NEWS: Just In Toronto Maple Leafs Just Confirm Fans Favorite Top Experienced Star Player Just Agree New Contract……

The Toronto Maple Leafs are taking a risk by extending Joseph Woll.
The Toronto Maple Leafs and goaltender Joseph Woll are reportedly nearing an extension. GM Brad Treliving appears to be taking a risk with this move, even though the young goalie hasn’t yet proven healthy enough to play in the NHL for the entire season.
According to a rumor that Kevin Weekes broke on Monday, netminder Joseph Woll will sign a three-year contract extension with the Toronto Maple Leafs on July 1st.

According to rumors, Woll’s contract has an AAV of $3.5–$4 million. As a goalie who hasn’t played more than 37 games in a season since being drafted in 2016, this could be risky for him.

Even though Woll is still relatively inexperienced and prone to injuries, he satisfies every requirement for an elite NHL goalie.

For the Leafs, this contract might be worth the risk.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are taking a risk by extending Joseph Woll.
Joseph Woll was handed the net in a crucial game five as the Leafs trailed the Boston Bruins 3-1 in their first-round playoff series this past postseason.

Woll was outstanding.

The Leafs won 2-1 in overtime thanks to the rookie goalie’s 27/28 shot save percentage, forcing a game six.

For the second straight game, Woll started for the Leafs, and he did not let them down in what was once again a do-or-die situation.

Up until 19:59 in the last frame, Woll was unbeatable. He stopped 22 out of 23 shots and helped his team win 2-1 again.

Sadly for Woll, the Leafs, and all of the supporters, the young goalie was hurt in game six, and Ilya Samsonov started in goal for game seven.

Even though it wasn’t Samsonov’s fault, the blue buds were defeated 2-1 by their rival team, the Boston Bruins, and were unable to advance far in the playoffs once more.

Joe Woll’s NHL career thus far was typified by the 2024 playoffs. In the regular season and playoffs, he is a young, self-assured, and reliable goalie who has the ability to steal games. But his career has been hampered by injuries thus far, and there’s no assurance he’ll be fit for the entire campaign.

However, Joseph Woll is a goalie worth taking a chance on.

The majority of the fan base seems to agree that I haven’t felt this confident in the Leafs goalie in a long time. He was arguably the team’s MVP the previous season before suffering an injury, and he has demonstrated that he can compete with—and sometimes even outperform—some of the best goalies in the NHL.

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