SAD NEWS: Just In Toronto Maple Leafs Head Coach Breaks Silence On Top Sensational Star Player Just Announced He Want To Leave……

It seems like the Toronto Maple Leafs are connected to every player and free agent up for grabs. However, since the season’s conclusion, we haven’t heard much from the organization’s real members.

That all changed on Saturday, June 29, the first time the team heard from new head coach Craig Berube, who took over for Sheldon Keefe.

A quote from Berube about his thoughts on Mitch Marner and his future sporting relationship with the player was shared by Luke Fox of Sportsnet. When everyone returns to work in training camp in 2024–25, Berube intends to coach Marner

Track Craig Berube’s post on Mitch Marner: He has a lot of character. He’s a wonderful person. Clearly an excellent player. It will be a pleasure to mentor

“On June 29, Berube told Fox, he’s a character guy.” “He’s a wonderful person. Clearly an excellent player. It will be a pleasure to mentor him.

Prior to this statement, May was the last (and first) time we had seen Berube and Marner together in public. On Monday, May 27, X user @vinterista_ posted a picture of Marner and new Leafs head coach Craig Berube having a meeting in a coffee shop. The Spittin’ Chiclets account then re-shared the picture, which helped it become viral.

What subject are they discussing?

It’s still unclear what the meeting’s purpose was.

Is Mitch Marner Available for Trade With the Maple Leafs?
In his first list of this kind, Frank Seravalli of Daily Faceoff ranked Mitch Marner as the top “Trade Target” for the 2024 offseason, two days after the infamous “Coffee Meeting” occurred.

On June 28, a full month after that initial release, Seravalli updated his board. The top target for a trade? It’s none other than Mitch Marner.


Only two of the guys from our Trade Targets 🎯 board moved today. All of last year, Hayes was on it. undoubtedly taken aback by Sergachev.

Who is still alive? The list from yesterday is as follows:

On NHL Draft Day – Daily Faceoff, Predators’ Askarov and Devils’ Marino, Holtz join Trade Targets.

In his pre-Draft media availability on Wednesday, June 26, in Vegas, General Manager Brad Treliving withheld a lot of information. He called Marner “a star” several times and advised the press not to take the noise too seriously. In regards to Marner, Seravalli wrote, “There’s a reason for the noise.” “We think the Leafs will make every effort to try to trade Marner this summer,” They are having interesting discussions on Marner.

According to Seravalli, the Maple Leafs’ biggest challenge in trying to trade for Marner before it’s too late is trying to find a team that is prepared to cover the acquisition cost.

Will a team offer a sum equal to what Toronto thinks the player is worth? And should that occur, is Marner willing to relinquish his entire “no-trade” clause or is he adamant about wanting to go back? Although those two situations are unrelated, Toronto is making an effort.

A No-Move Clause is included in Marner’s six-year, 65.4 million contract. Any trade the Leafs agree to with another NHL team can be blocked by him. Marner will make $10.9 million the following year under his current contract, which expires in 2024–25.

In just 69 games, the Leafs winger finished the 2023–24 season with 26 goals and 59 assists for 85 total points. In seven postseason games, he added three points (two assists and one goal).

The Maple Leafs may still extend Mitch Marner’s contract.
The Leafs are unsure about whether to sign Mitch Marner to a new contract or trade him forward.

On a June 15 episode of The Chris Johnston Show, Chris Johnston of The Athletic reported that Toronto is still unsure of how to handle Marner’s circumstances.

Have fun
Johnston stated, “The Leafs are not relying on Mitch Marner at this time.” “They’re getting the list of names, they’re going to make life uncomfortable, and they haven’t decided 100% that they have to trade him. That is not what is happening at all.

Johnston says the Maple Leafs won’t ask Marner to waive his no-movement clause until they have a better understanding of the trade market. The forward might not even accept a trade away from Toronto even in that case.

“At present, I don’t believe the Leafs have a contract for Martin and his representative, and I don’t believe they’ve approached them to request a roster or anything similar,” Johnston stated. “The Leafs are quietly assessing whether there is a trade market behind closed doors, so it makes no sense for them to go to war with this player and to make this any more public than it already is.

If so, Johnston added, “they’ll move on to the next level and see if Mitch Marner is open to considering that move.”


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